Honest Cash-Flow Tracking

Nomo is a new PFM that helps you to track your spending with fun and honest feedback.

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Cash-Flow Averaging

Nomo gives you a simple daily picture of how your cash-flow is doing by comparing your historic position against today:

  • Uses your Current Accounts / Checking Accounts
  • The coloured line represents your total funds this month
  • The blue area represents your average funds in your current account for the past three months
  • The letters represents the days of the month

Recommended Spending

Nomo will let you know whether it’s fast food or fine dining tonight, without the financial jargon:

  • “You’re up” is the worry-free amount you could spend today
  • “You’re down” is the amount your finances are down compared to how much you normally have. This means you can’t really spend today

Personalised Updates

Nomo helps make budgeting a little less dull. You can choose from three personalities to get that human touch:

  • Friendly – nice messages to keep you positive
  • Cheeky – life’s a bit better when you can laugh at yourself
  • Motivational – if you’re looking for the inspirational go-to-guru in your life.

Financial Performance

NoMo simplifies finance in an easy friendly way so you can see if you’re doing good or if you are doing bad:

  • The coloured line just represents the amount of money you have in your primary bank account this month
  • The blue area represents how much you normally have had in your primary bank account for the past three months
  • The orange days in the week are the days you’re not doing so well with your finances. Mo’ orange, mo’ problems…
  • The yellow days in the week are the days that you did well with your finances. More yellow, more champagne

How safe is Nomo?
Nomo is powered by DirectID and uses the same security and privacy practices used by your own bank. A ‘read only’ view of your account which means no one can touch your money and that includes you.

How much does Nomo cost?
Cheaper than a cup of coffee, Nomo is free. Our aim is to help everyone be more comfortable with their money so we don't put any barriers in the way of you starting to use it.

Where is Nomo available?
Nomo has initially been launched only in the UK and for iOS customers. The team are working on the next stage of Nomo though and plan to see further global coverage and an Android version available in 2020.

The New Way To Track Your Spending

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